Portrait Sittings

There is no substitute for an artist’s power to see.

Give yourself the experience of having your portrait made by a careful and conscientious artist. I bring my many years of practice and experience in the art and craft of photography to each sitting. Blending selected techniques and technologies from the entire history of photography, I work to create subtle portraits that exude the poetry of time and memory. Let your real image come through, for your family, for your company, for future generations to come. 

Portrait sittings are available by appointment in my Eau Claire studio, or at locations within 25 miles. Further travel is available for an additional fee. All sitting packages can be expanded on to include further time, consultation or printing.

Gift certificates for any amount are available. Through December 20, all sittings are 20% off.

Tintype Photo BoothStare down the long past of photography. • $65
Allow 10 minutes, includes two 4”x5” in-camera tintype originals and a digital scan of one of your tintypes sized for use with social media. (Be aware that in-camera tintypes are charmingly imperfect as a matter of course. If you want to tempt the photographic fates, I will do a single shot tintype sitting for $45)

Portrait SittingAn excellent choice for families, friends, seniors, children, bands, poets, welders, brides, & everyone else. • $225
Allow 45 minutes, in-studio or on location; includes a pre-sitting phone consultation and 2 digital image files print-ready to 8”x10” with non-commercial reproduction rights. Additional print-ready digital files are priced according to size. Wet or dry process prints from this sitting are also available (see below for options).

Fine Portrait Sitting •  Profound photographic portraiture • $455
Allow 60-90 minutes, including pre and post-sitting consultation and portrait sitting, either in-studio or on location. This sitting gives an opportunity for extra experimentation and depth; expect a collaborative experience as we work together as subject and photographer to create a meaningful portrait. The sitting includes two 4x5 print proofs made in the wet-process we decide on together during post-sitting consultation and one final wet-process print up to 8”x10” (see below for options), or credit toward a larger print. Alternatively, if in the post-sitting consultation we select archival inkjet prints as the preferred process, the sitting will include two 8”x10” and one 11”x14” print, or equivalent print credit toward a larger print.

HeadshotsSuitable for professional use, beautiful enough for the family album  • $125
Allow 20 minutes, in studio or on location. A carefully composed head-and-shoulders pose in color or black and white, including a digital image file print-ready to 8”x10” with generous reproduction rights. Additional poses as print-ready digital files for an additional fee. Headshot portraits can also be printed in any of the wet or dry processes listed below.

Portrait RepairExpert image retouching • $50/hour + print cost (if selected)
Includes high-resolution scan of your damaged or faded photograph, digital retouching, and the repaired image delivered on a USB drive. The retouched image can also be made into a fine print.

Available Processes
Inquire for Print Prices

• A note on print permanence •
All photographic printing processes are created by the sensitivity of materials to light, so storing and displaying prints away from bright light and shielded behind UV filtering glass is important to extend their lives. However, even the least permanent photographic process that I use will last longer than data stored on a magnetic drive. Both hard drive failure and rapidly evolving technology threaten continued access to digital imagery. Consider printing your most important and precious images in the most permanent way you can afford. I would be happy to print your digital files in a way that will last lifetimes.

Wet Print ProcessesThese prints are created by hand in the darkroom and each is a unique object.
Platinum (coming soon)• Platinum and iron salts on 300lb acid-free watercolor paper (hand coated). A well-made and well-stored platinum print will last many hundreds of years without fading.
Tintype • Silver salts in gelatin on enameled aluminum (hand coated).
Ambrotype • Silver salts in gelatin on clear glass (hand coated).
Vandyke Brownprint (with or without gold toning) • Silver and iron salts on 300lb acid-free watercolor paper (hand coated). Gold toning will move the print from a warm brown to a cool grey and extend the life of the print by replacing the iron (which will oxidize over time) with non-reactive pure gold.
Cyanotype (with or without toning) • Iron salts on 300lb acid-free watercolor paper (hand coated). These prints will last several hundred years if kept in dark storage (such as closed in an album).
Gelatin Silver • Silver salts in gelatin on paper (factory coated). The current standard for darkroom printing, a well-made and well-stored gelatin silver print will last several hundred years.

Dry Print ProcessesLess hands-on but made with just as much care, these prints are prepared and printed in the studio and can be reprinted and more easily resized.
Color archival inkjet • Pigment inks on 100% cotton fine art paper. A well-stored color pigment print will last seventy-five to one hundred years without fading.
Black and white archival inkjet • Pigment inks on 100% cotton fine art paper. A well-stored carbon pigment print will last one to two hundred years without fading.

• A note on anniversary gifts •
The photographic printing processes that I work in depend on evocative materials like tin (10th anniversary), iron (6th anniversary), silver (25th anniversary), gold (50th anniversary), platinum (20th anniversary) and paper (1st anniversary).